David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube

One of my favorite writers, David Rakoff, has died. I don’t know of another writer whose essays are so wonderfully read by his own tongue. Here is his performance from the most recent “This American Life” live show, which Kathleen and I were able to see, live-streamed to Jackson.

I am very sad. I selfishly wanted him to live longer, to write more books, to please my ear and mind and heart. Dear David, I love your words and stories, and I thank you.


David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube.

Homeland Security Public Service Announcement, at Wal-Mart!

This is hilarious, and by hilarious, I mean a little scary. I guess what I’m saying is, When I’m afraid, I try to laugh it off. It works! (It doesn’t work.)

Just one question for this Orwellian video: Does destroying local businesses and local manufacturing count as suspicious activity?

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“Justice” and “Privelege” (sic)

These are pictures of two retail stores. “Justice” sells clothes for girls, and it’s a chain.

“Privelege” was a store in San Francisco, probably gone by now. I’d criticize their spelling, but I have to look it up in the dictionary all the time.

Any social commentary is yours for the making. I just thought it was funny. But it seems like a clothing store named “Privilege” is a least a little more honest than “Justice.”