David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube

One of my favorite writers, David Rakoff, has died. I don’t know of another writer whose essays are so wonderfully read by his own tongue. Here is his performance from the most recent “This American Life” live show, which Kathleen and I were able to see, live-streamed to Jackson.

I am very sad. I selfishly wanted him to live longer, to write more books, to please my ear and mind and heart. Dear David, I love your words and stories, and I thank you.


David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube.

2012 Multicultural Conference @ Lake Junaluska!

Friends and strangers! I’m attending the Lake Junaluska 2012 Multicultural Conference, and I’d love for you to join me. I care deeply about creating and sustaining sacred communities where ALL people play a welcome and vital role in making disciples and transforming the world. It’s what’s awesome about Court Street UMC, and it’s what’s awesome about the Kingdom-Household of God.

Register for the conference here: http://www.lakejunaluska.com/multicultural/ Feel free to print out the flyer below, or click here for a PDF of the flyer: 2012 Multicultural Conference @ Lake Junaluska!