Reza Aslan on The Daily Show – July 17, 2013

I recommend watching the entire video, particularly given Jon Oliver’s response. He says he can have a personal relationship with the Jesus about whom Reza Aslan writes, more than he can relate to the “Christ of faith.” If ‘secular’ folks like Oliver can be so attracted to the historical Jesus, it’s the church’s job to bridge the gap between this historical figure and our religious lives today. Many people who don’t go to church are quite interested in Jesus, but they don’t see churches applying the teachings of Jesus to our personal and social lives. We have work to be done.

David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube

One of my favorite writers, David Rakoff, has died. I don’t know of another writer whose essays are so wonderfully read by his own tongue. Here is his performance from the most recent “This American Life” live show, which Kathleen and I were able to see, live-streamed to Jackson.

I am very sad. I selfishly wanted him to live longer, to write more books, to please my ear and mind and heart. Dear David, I love your words and stories, and I thank you.


David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible” – YouTube.