Lewis Center: If Churches Can Change, They Can Grow

If Churches Can Change, They Can Grow.

Lovett Weems and the Lewis Center for Church Leadership always provide some good articles and information. This brief list is no different.

The one that made me smile (or smirk?) the most was this:

Character of worship. A congregation that describes their worship as “joyful” is more likely to experience substantial growth, and churches where worship is described as “reverent” are least likely to grow.”

This makes sense to me. I’ve always liked when Wesleyanna’s worship is casual and comfortable (and it usually is), because I love an atmosphere in which we can laugh, greet one another heartily, and go-with-the-flow when something unexpected comes up. My wife Kathleen has said that her favorite part of the service is passing the peace (and my sermon is part of the service)!

Now, what would be a good “more-than-words” supplement to this blog post…..?


Study shows young clergy increasing

We young pastors are the blue column…. but the whole story (by the UMC news service) is hopeful. But, the average age of United Methodist clergy has ALSO reached a historic high. (In the second story, I would be counted as one of the young local pastors.)

In regards to young clergy, I’m curious about any details beyond mere numbers: Why are young people entering the ministry? Are their/our reasons different than those of other generations? Why was there such a drop-off between 1978 and 2000? What other demographics are a factor? What type of ministries are young UMC pastors interested in? What type of ministries are they actually able to put into place?

Full Story: Study shows young clergy increasing.