Why I Hated the Movie “2012”

Spoiler Alert…. kinda’.

At the end of the movie…. (drum up the suspense music)…..a bunch of white people survive! Congratulations humankind! All the billionaires and heads of state were able to get in some huge metal submarines and survive the destruction of the planet!

Why this made me angry: Almost none of the people who survived were the “heroes” of the film, if there really were any. There are about two or three people who showed integrity in the movie who made it onto the ships. One is white-guy John Cusak, who has to sneak on board, and another is young-black-guy Chiwetel Ejiofor, who works for the white house and has a crush on the daughter of the president (who’s played by Danny Glover—–that is, the president is played by Danny Glover, not the daughter).

And where are the survivors going when the dust clears? AFRICA! The satellite images say that some mountain range in Africa is now the highest place on earth, and the continent may never have been underwater! And of course, I’m sure they’ll be welcomed with open arms and parades of showers, because there’s nothing that the people of Africa love more than white people showing up in boats.

I hope the residents of Africa load up the cannons that are still on the coastal slave castles and blow those big metal boats to pieces.

And last but not least, the final line in the movie 2012 is about how John Cusack’s daughter no longer needs diapers. Well, we in the audience couldn’t be more proud! But you know what? That line kinda’ represented the whole movie for me, since it was a big pile of crap.

Of course, the question must be asked, “Why did you go see the movie, Brad? It says ‘We Were Warned’ right on the poster!” Well, I just wanted to see the world blow up, since us humans seem so obsessed with the idea. I didn’t think watching the end of the world would be so excruciatingly mind-numbing…..


The Thin Green Line : Limbaugh warns of white Jim Crow

The Thin Green Line : Limbaugh warns of white Jim Crow.

Read this very short article on SF Gate about Limbaugh latests rants about how white people are suffering under Obama.

The lesson for us all today: The fear-mongers want to deny that there is any white racism against African-Americans today. Without laws on the books that prevent African-Americans from succeeding, the whites can claim innocence! To Limbaugh, the only racism that exists today is REVERSE racism, when a black kid beats up on a white kid! (As if school bus fights, interracial or not, were somehow a recent phenomenon.)

I must note: My friend Robert (who I wish would post his comments ON my blog itself) has wondered if everything has to do with race. It would seem that I harp on the issue too much, or that I read too much into things (like Joe Wilson’s rude outburst during a Presidential address). To this, I’d like to make a big claim: Every context in the Americas in a racial context. Race(s) have been constructed at every stage of the colonization of the Americas. These constructions play a part in every social space and in our internal understandings of ourselves. Race and racism have been in the Americas since the first European began invading. Such concepts do not easily disappear. In fact, they play in the background or foreground of all our interactions and understandings.

Racism in Congress – Maureen Dowd on Joe Wilson’s outburst

Boy, Oh, Boy
Published: September 13, 2009
Joe Wilson’s outburst in Congress revealed one thing: Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.


Friends, I hope you’ll read this article and consider the truth that racism is alive and well in white Southern congressmen who don’t want to accept an educated black man as a president. They sure can’t find it in themselves to respect him.

My favorite remark by Dowd: “For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both.”

Summer Reading Selections

This was posted on MissivesFromMarx, but I thought I’d add it to my own blog.

Here are the books I’ve started this summer. I am incredibly guilty of starting many selections and finishing few, but my girlfriend says that’s okay, since some books might not be worth finishing. The list moves from recent finds to stuff I started back in May:

– Lament For A Son, by Nicholas Wolterstorff – A friend of mine had her younger brother killed in a random accident, and I knew him, so I’ve been looking for some solace here and there.
– Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking, by D. Q. McInerny – I got this because of my new-found love for Vulcans. The book attempts to be akin to Strunk and White’s ‘Elements of Style’.
– The Need for Roots, by Simone Weil – I’m reading ahead for a class on her Political Theology that I’m taking this fall. Weil is an intriguing person for many reasons.
– Jesus and the Disinherited, by Howard Thurman – Re-reading this, since I may use it in my masters thesis.
– Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison – Because I’ve never read it. Shame on me, cause it’s good!
– White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity, by James W. Perkinson – A good approach to life for postcolonial whiteys like myself. I’m taking a class on Dismantling White Privilege this fall, and I recently (and happily) found that we’ll be reading it.
– Race, by Studs Terkel – There are some amazing interviews in this book…..

I also started the Cartoon History of the Universe, which is fun bedside reading.

From The Cartoon History of the Universe, by Larry Gonick

From The Cartoon History of the Universe, by Larry Gonick

Congresswoman Says She Wasn’t Aware “Great White Hope” Has Racist Connotation – Jenkins defends great white hope – Jezebel

Newsflash: Republican congresspeople are idiots, or racists, or both.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins said the party was looking for their “great white hope” and later claimed that she didn’t know the phrase was racist, used against boxer Jack Johnson way back in the day.

I already knew Republicans are racist, but I’m extremely amused by the idea that they are so ignorantly accidentally racist.

Questions for my (few) readers: Do you think Rep. Jenkins really didn’t know it was racist? Do you think she should/could have known better? Do you think she was just seeing what she could get away with saying?

Watch the video below:


Here’s the video:

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