Elections in El Salvador Invoke Rivalries of Civil War Years – NYTimes.com

Elections in El Salvador Invoke Rivalries of Civil War Years – NYTimes.com.

From the article:

There is a fear that a very close election could lead to unrest, even though both parties have abided by national and local election results before. “If the margin is small, it will be hard for the Frente to admit a loss,” said Roberto Rubio-Fabián, executive director of Funde, a research organization here, referring to the F.M.L.N. “There could be a group that says this is proof that the democratic way doesn’t work.”

My thought:

Genuine democracy would not let a powerful minority maintain its hegemonic control. If elections are fair, the majority will vote for candidates and laws that protect a majority of the people. I think the situation in El Salvador proves that democracy can be incredibly flawed, serving the few instead of the many.

A New Way of Being

Today, I’ve started blogging, in an attempt to go public with my thoughts, convictions, attempts at ministry, and being a human. I have never been particularly averse to public talk or to online technology, but my hope (and fear) is that this website will help me reflect in new ways and communicate with folks better than before. My audience is myself, my friends, and the people whom I seek to serve.

Here’s a picture from El Salvador, where I recently visited:

The countryside of El Salvador