About Me (and Others)

Hi! I’m Brad. I once referred to this blog as “Brad’s Words (and more than words!)” but now I just have photos for my title. A picture is worth… etc.

I serve as an ordained United Methodist pastor in the great state of Mississippi, serving Court Street UMC in the city of Hattiesburg. I’m a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, having received both a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology. Millsaps College in Jackson, MS is my undergraduate alma mater. I love writing and preaching sermons that honor and broaden our minds and hearts. Smart comedy and satire (i.e. The Daily Show) greatly lifts my Spirit.

What you will find on this blog: Theology I find liberating, news articles I find important, videos of adorable baby monkeys, interesting selections of scripture (from various philosophies and art forms), information on El Salvador, thoughts on the meaning of life, and if you’re lucky, nerdy music videos. Sometimes I am irreverent, and that is partially because I am in the business of making people think critically and live in a more radically loving way. God wants us to be intimately in touch with the world, and we take risks to do so. In my posts, I try to always use something more than words; hence the original name of the blog.

Super cute Belle with her uncle

Here’s me hanging with my ridiculously cute niece Belle

Our lovely dog Laban, panting after some exercise in the backyard:

You can also find me on Twitter @bradco, though I rarely tweet, and on Facebook., but I’ve given up Facebook for the time being.

Other vital statistics:

I’m a fan of naval oranges. Walking is incredibly enjoyable to me. I find people to be infinitely fascinating, along with their creations, especially music and scripture (which aren’t mutually exclusive). I’ve acquired far too many books.

I am a human being in the process of becoming, continuously changing and existing in a web of relationships. I know every place you can eat good pizza, I love my wife and daughter, and I have a fun dog named Laban. Visiting with squirrels in the park, with some process theology in my back pocket, brings me closer to the God of Love. So does checking out art galleries or hitting the streets to support workers’ rights. Prophetically critiquing and resisting social injustice brings me closer to the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and being in loving relationship with my neighbor brings me closer to the Holy Spirit of Adoption.

Most fun of all, I love to hang out with my futur(istic) wife Kathleen.

Somebody must’ve said something funny…

Studying up for the revolution

A thousand thanks to good friend Jamie Michaels (visit her photography blog) for shooting our engagement photos.

PS – I claim “Copyright Brad Corban” on anything that I say of worth. Most stuff that isn’t from me is used without permission, but I try to give credit where credit is due. Let me know if you’d like any images or videos removed, and I’ll do so as soon as I can.


8 thoughts on “About Me (and Others)

  1. I think that The New York Post is really shameful. Any adult that has been in the US in the last 50-years (or better) “clearly” understands the intent of the image. Rupert Murdock is a cancer that has gone untreated for far too long!

  2. Brad, I believe you are the new pastor select at our church. I am so happy to know that we are getting a young man with a sense of humor as well as a social conscience. Like you I am one of those native Mississippians with a liberal or progressive way of looking at things. The only difference is that I am 66 years old!Oh, I am sure we will find areas of disagreement, too, but so far I am intrigued with what I am reading. Let me, however, warn you that while I am in the mainstream at Wesleyanna, some of my ideas aren’t. Most of our members are very conservative and will be a little shocked at some of your ideas as they are mine. If they don’t find them on the internet, however, I will allow you to be the one to share them when you come to be with us. There are a few of we progressives in the congregation though.We will relish hearing how you lead all of us
    conservatives and liberals alike to be better Christians by seeing things through the eyes of a young pastor.It will not hurt us to be reminded of what Christians are supposed to be like as well as what God expects from us.
    You will have your hands full for we have lost members and attendence is very low.I think you will find that everyone will welcome you and be anxious to roll up sleeves and get to work for the God we all love, the church we adore and for those in our community who need us, but don’t even know it yet. My husband, our daughter, grand daughter and I are so happy and are very excited that you are to be our pastor.
    Welcome to Wesleyanna, Rachel Cowling

  3. I just wanted to introduce myself and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. I am Melba Watkins and I serve as the Wesleyanna UMC PPRC Chairperson. Let me know if there is anything special that we need to do as a committee before your arrival.

    Take care and we will see you soon.


  4. Hi Brad…congratulations on your appointment to Wesleyanna and welcome back to Mississippi…I’m looking forward to being across the interstate neighbors with you from Raymond…serving Christ together, Mike…

  5. Brad,
    You are one rocking guitar player! I loved all the images from the Vacation Bible School video Now I want to attend! I am thankful that I finally decided to register for your OLLI class on Constructive Christian Theology. As Nanci said, you are a natural born teacher. You reminded me very much of a Rabbi I knew who worked with the Institute for Southern Jewish Living, based in Jackson, Rabbi Marshal Klavin. I invited him to speak at my church and to talk about Midrash. He later visited us on his Seder Service rounds through a few southern states to lead us in a Passover Seder. I was sad when he left the
    Saw this quote today from Barbara Brown Taylor from he book An Altar in the World: “Every human interaction offers you the chance to make things better or to make things worse.” This is the book I’m reading in bits and pieces!
    See you again on Tuesday!
    Linda Foshee

    • Hey Linda! I’m glad you’re in the class too. I’ll have to look up that rabbi.

      To be clear, I’m definitely NOT the one providing the soundtrack to the Vacation Bible School video. My guitar playing is mediocre chord-strumming, at best. (But it’s still fun.)

      Peace, and see you soon,

  6. Sending you a Wendell Berry quote that came in today on a daily meditation that I receive from All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church.

    It may be that when we no longer know what to do
    we have come to our real work,
    and that when we no longer know which way to go
    we have come to our real journey.
    The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
    The impeded stream is the one that sings.
    ~ Wendell Berry, 1934 –

    Rabbi Klaven has left Mississippi but they have a replacement for him. I receive his weekly letter called Taste of Torah. When it comes soon, I’ll let you know his name.

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