Pros and Cons?

Here’s a interesting screen-shot of what came up when I was searching the interweb:

Ignore the fact that I’m interested in owning a pet goat, and follow my curiosity at the results that Google delivered as I typed “pros and cons of”.

First, my heart was heavy as I read “abortion.” To be clear, I strongly support the legality of abortion. My concern is that many people are searching about birth control on the internet, because they aren’t getting good information elsewhere. As a pastor, I want my congregants to be able to talk to me and to each other about the sacredness of life and about the different options we have around bringing life into the world.

And then I was struck by the ridiculous strangeness that “iPad” was next on the list of important decisions to be made.

The rest of the results are about various social issues and decisions that we are having to make as communities, local and national. Many have to do with “life” as a social concept, and others have to do with the ways we maintain that life, with energy.

And then there’s cork flooring. Pros: There’s a spring to your step. Cons: You need to put wide coasters under the legs of your furniture.

PS – And yes, I haven’t posted since I’ve moved across the country and begun my life as a church pastor, but there’s more rambling and pictures to come!

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    • Hi there!

      Yes, I did vote for the current president. Mainly because my choices seem to be reduced to voting for whoever is least likely to invade another country. But now that he helped pass some regulations on our financial system, I might become a real fan.

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