NYTimes Op-Ed – We Still Don’t Hear Dr. King

Op-Ed Columnist – We Still Don’t Hear Dr. King – NYTimes.com.

Read this short op-ed piece by Bob Herbert. It’s honest, and it deals with the fact that we are in wars that STILL are not questioned or mentioned or protested by the vast majority of our country. On this day when we remember the death of a young man who was publicly executed by the state two thousand years ago, will we remember the young people we are sending NOW to fight wars we have no reason to continue?

Our leaders are utter and total cowards, with no moral compass that we can measure. Our people are totally confused, thinking it’s the government that has caused all of the problems when the bankers are even more to blame. Our Christians have no idea what it means to call peacemakers “blessed”.

The crucifixions never end.

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