The Thin Green Line : Limbaugh warns of white Jim Crow

The Thin Green Line : Limbaugh warns of white Jim Crow.

Read this very short article on SF Gate about Limbaugh latests rants about how white people are suffering under Obama.

The lesson for us all today: The fear-mongers want to deny that there is any white racism against African-Americans today. Without laws on the books that prevent African-Americans from succeeding, the whites can claim innocence! To Limbaugh, the only racism that exists today is REVERSE racism, when a black kid beats up on a white kid! (As if school bus fights, interracial or not, were somehow a recent phenomenon.)

I must note: My friend Robert (who I wish would post his comments ON my blog itself) has wondered if everything has to do with race. It would seem that I harp on the issue too much, or that I read too much into things (like Joe Wilson’s rude outburst during a Presidential address). To this, I’d like to make a big claim: Every context in the Americas in a racial context. Race(s) have been constructed at every stage of the colonization of the Americas. These constructions play a part in every social space and in our internal understandings of ourselves. Race and racism have been in the Americas since the first European began invading. Such concepts do not easily disappear. In fact, they play in the background or foreground of all our interactions and understandings.