Double Standards on Torture: Andrew Sullivan calls out the NYTimes

Read this article by Andrew Sullivan!

From the blog:

“You will notice how the NYT defines torture when it comes to foreign governments – isolation, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation. Much milder than anything the US did to one of its own citizens, Jose Padilla. But the parallel is almost perfect: these are, after all, the exact Chinese Communist techniques that were reverse engineered from the SERE program. So you have a perfect demonstration of the NYT’s double-standard. If Chinese do it to Americans, it’s torture; if Americans do it to an American, it’s ‘harsh interrogation.'”

And what the hell is with the survey that shows how the more you go to church, the more likely you are to approve of torture! What Passion story are people reading!?!

Infuriated that churches don’t speak out on this issue enough,


Have we forgotten that Jesus was tortured?

Have we forgotten that Jesus was tortured?